Windows with built-in blinds are available in all the significant materials. Besides aluminium windows, PVCu, timber, and even composite hybrid windows fit any of the integral blind systems. Morley Glass have a collection of the best integral blinds for modern decor.

Apart from all the conveniences, window blinds can become annoying sometimes. You pull the cord too hard on one side, which results in a crooked effect. You may worry about cleaning dusty blinds without taking them slat by slat. Pellini Blinds are the perfect solution to these problems.

Fortunately, windows manufacturers like Morley Glass have solutions to all these problems and devised windows with built-in blinds. The blinds rest between two panes of glass in these windows instead of different line over the frame.

With the advancement in technology, blinds come with options operated with remote control. You can control them through a magnetic slider running along the side. ScreenLine Blinds are equipped with these features to serve you.

Integral blinds provide many benefits over conventional after-market blinds. In this post, we will discuss everything you need to know when buying new windows with built-in blinds. We hope you will learn something new about these blinds. Let’s start:

All about Windows with Built-in Blinds

First of all, buying windows with built-in blinds for any window signifies going in touch with a reliable supplier of windows and doors. Nearly all blind systems lead the homeowner within a network of home improvement markets and window installers. 

Few manufacturers of integral window blinds outfit the end-user directly. They are above the supply chain as manufacturers of double glazed units. Therefore, if you need a value on built-in blinds for any windows, you have to make a price for the windows simultaneously.

Aluminium, PVCu, and timber windows employ the same integral blind systems. The decisive factor in whether any new or replacement window fits blinds is the glazing cavity and the width of the sealed unit it holds.

The thickness of most modern windows with built-in blinds is available in 24mm or 28mm glazing cavity. They come for double glazed units. Also, triple glazing with 32mm or more thickness fits integral blinds and have a more resonant cavity.

When you place an order for your brand-new windows, the window manufacturer gives your installer glass manufacturing sizes. Based on these sizes, you will order the integral blind manufacturers. So, you will get integral blinds built for you these sizes. 

Many PVCu and timber windows are available in factory glazed. To get the windows with built-in blinds, there are two options. First is your windows supplier will provide units to the manufacturer. The second is your manufacturer can talk to the supplier directly.

Factors to Consider Before Buying Windows with Built-in Blinds

One main factor to consider is that when buying any windows with built-in blinds, you find the right glass and is a permanent fixture of the entire unit. So, we recommend you go to the market and look at how full-size windows with blinds seem.

Moreover, all integral blinds require a border frame to line the tools for the blind system. Thus, windows with built-in blinds have slightly visible glass than regular glass units. Some blinds have very visible built and stacked blind slats, and some are less visible. You must anticipate seeing an edgewise sightline at the upper side of the units.

Due to small glass sizes, the good is no other shades or blinds. Several modern aluminium windows are thin, stylish and beautiful. So, where after-market blinds obscure your glazing, windows with built-in blinds make you relish the fine lines and tone of your new setup.

Benefits of Buying Windows with Built-in Blinds

The advantages of windows with blinds built inside the glass are usually more decent and reliable for your home and not disappointing than usual blinds. Below are some of the prime reasons that people have windows with built-in blinds installed in their home.

  1. Wear and Tear Resistant:

One of the most significant benefits of buying windows with built-in blinds is no to less wear and tear. The blind fix enduringly sealed in between the double glazed unit. Your blinds are free from getting damaged due to wind, children, pets, or exposure to the physical environment.

  • Clean and Dust-free:

Another advantage of windows integral blinds is that they remain clean and dust-free. It implies that they will be having a long-lasting and heavy-duty service than after-market fabric, plastic, or wood blinds. So, they never require cleaning as they do not gather any dust.

  • Offer Privacy:

Integral blinds quickly fix up within the glass, allowing excellent privacy with lesser gaps than cheaper wood, metal or plastic flat blinds. You can tilt them or raise and lower them as per your choice, like the other blinds.

  • Low Emissivity:

The glass equipped with the latest windows is now of excellent specs. Most windows presently issue with quality glass and have a low-emissivity cover. They also have glowing edge spacer strips and filled with argon gas.

  • Energy-Efficient:

As the glass is eternally toughened or laminated, so it is considered the safest one. With this type of glass, you get an excellent and energy-efficient outcome. After sitting an integral blind between the glasses, the unit’s efficiency increases more.

  • Easily Operated:

Last but not least, the windows with built-in blinds are relatively easy to operate. They are manually operated and come with simple magnetic or electric operation. It makes these blinds a safer product than the dangling cords. 

Get Quote for New Windows with Built-in Blinds

Are you looking to get a quote for new windows with built-in blinds? No worries, Morley Glass have the solution for the windows at your home or office. You should not confuse your mind about the price as they are quite affordable for every individual.

The price you get depends on some factors such as the size of your windows, blind colours, and the frame size. You must check these details before getting a quotation for improving or renovating your home or building office. 

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