A dog kennel is a necessity for dogs spending a lot of time outdoors, so the next time you break when seeing that old “Free puppies to a good home” sign, or make a trip to the Battersea dog homes, be sure you have your fencing up to code and an appropriate kennel for your dog! The sign may say, “Free to good home” but dog ownership carries responsibility too! Dog kennels come in wood and plastic varieties and a number of sizes and styles to meet the needs of your favorite canine.

Things and challenges to be prepared

A dog house’s size should be based on your dog’s height. Your dog’s kennel should allow him to enter, comfortably turn, and settle himself, but if the kennel is too large, it will be difficult to retain heat during cold weather, so a happy medium must be maintained. In general, extra small kennels fit very small breeds, like Pomeranians or Chihuahuas. Small are for beagles or similar sized breeds. Dalmatians and similar sized dogs should have a medium-sized dog house, while large dogs, such as German Shepherds prefer large dog kennels, but consider an extra-large dog kennel if you own a Great Dane or any other very large dog.

“Your four-legged friend deserves an attractive, high-quality kennel to call his own. You will gain peace of mind knowing he is comfortable and safely sheltered.” says Kelly Fenney, owner of one of the top ranked puppy breeder in the UK.

A dog kennel heater is perfect for any dog that stays outdoors in diverse weather conditions. This type of heater will give pet owners the peace of mind they need during those cold winter nights. Most dog kennel heaters attach to the side of the doghouse. They are lightweight and very easy to use. A hole is cut in the side of the house, and a hose is run from the heater to the doghouse. Many dog kennel heaters will also cool the dog kennel in warmer weather. Dog kennel heaters will automatically adjust the temperature to keep the dog kennel at the optimal temperature. You can choose the temperature that will best suite your dog and set the heater to this temperature. They operate very much like the heating/cooling systems found in most homes. Dog kennel heaters are necessary for dogs left outdoors in the winter, especially for breeds that do not have a lot of fur for insulation. Although dogs have fur that keeps them warm, they can still get cold on those chilly winter nights. A heater will ensure your dog stays toasty and comfortable in his home all year round.

Dog kennel heaters are the purchases that dog owners should consider, as are dog kennels with evaporative coolers. Dogs deserve the warmth and comfort of a heater, and a place to escape the hottest of summertime sun. The peace of mind a dog kennel heater or evaporative cooler offers is a great feeling for any loving dog owner. These are also free dog kennel plans, so you can get several, and choose the one best for you and your pet.

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