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The 5G network is now a reality and is the pillar of transformation that will change people’s lives. To provide an updated perspective on the 5G network in Latin America, as well as locally, and the solutions that Samsung offers in this area, the South Korean company held a seminar that shed light on what we should expect from this new technology.

Mario Laffitte , Vice President of Institutional Relations at Samsung Latin America; Eduardo Conejo, Senior Manager of Innovation at Samsung Latin America and Gianmarco Leri , Product Manager for Samsung Central America, were in charge of addressing the different topics during the virtual seminar.

“It is impossible to talk about 5G without mentioning the experiences that this network will bring to our day to day. 5G will impact not only social expectations in terms of education or entertainment, but also health, work environments and social security will be part of this connectivity that will be in everything.

The possibilities of its use are endless, as well as the benefits for the individual and society ”, stressed Mario Laffitte. Laffitte does not see far the implementation of 5G in the Central American and Caribbean region. “The implementation of this network in the markets will be progressive and Latin America is a 5G-ready market.

The region is awaiting spectrum allocations as manufacturers, network operators, and government agencies work together to ensure 5G is available and functional at launch. Although implementation depends on various factors, all countries have a different process.

In the case of Puerto Rico, 5G was already commercially launched in 2019, as well as in Uruguay. In the other countries, all are still in tests. During 2019, at least 30 5G tests were carried out in 12 Latin American countries ”, he emphasized.

Real-time intercom
For his part, Eduardo Conejo offered a master class on how 5G works, its evolution over the years, the differences between the non-autonomous and autonomous 5G network, as well as the benefits that intercommunication in real and constant time will bring to humanity.

“The autonomous 5G network also improves network bandwidth. It can send data to and from 1 million devices per square kilometer, compared to just 100,000 devices per square kilometer using 4G networks.

The 5G network gives us 20 times faster speed, almost zero latency and almost 10 times the number of accesses, which means more connectivity (which drives the IoT). That is the main difference between 5G and 4G, ”said Conejo.

Just to highlight some of the benefits of 5G in the health sector, Conejo mentioned the use of wearables for health monitoring, robotic surgery, effective communication between an ambulance and a hospital, up to diagnosis and treatment in an environment remote.

“The experience of IoT in Smart Cities is what will really bring the greatest benefits, in addition to the people, places and infrastructures being connected and providing information for the benefit of the population.

It is clear how virtual reality and augmented reality will maximize the experience in games, learning and entertainment. Beyond technology, it is the virtual experience brought to reality and adapted to the needs of each one.

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