Seeds Education is a family-owned business that was established in 1968. Karim Tahseen Al-Khayat has served as Seeds Education’s CEO since 2000, driving, expanding and restructuring the company’s operational services.

In addition to its professional development and teacher training programmes, Seeds Education develops award-winning academic and educational materials, as well as providing client-customised print and digital publishing services. In the UK, Seeds Education’s subsidiary, Garnet Education, specialises in English Language Teaching materials, producing market-leading books, tests, and multimedia resources for students of all ages.

The pandemic revolutionised approaches to learning across the world, with school closures, lockdowns and stay-at-home orders moving many learning experience online. In the UK, five key learning trends have emerged as we move through 2022.

Hybrid Classrooms

According to ET (Education Technology), hybrid environments are incredibly flexible, covering a multitude of different student needs. Teachers accomplish this by creating virtual learning environments, enabling students to connect with what is happening in the classroom anywhere at any time – ensuring that if the student cannot attend in person, they will not get left behind.

Asynchronous Learning

ET also explains how asynchronous learning allows students with no or low internet connectivity at home to access lessons without having to visit a library or other public space. By making content accessible from anywhere, learning is not restricted to the classroom, enabling teachers to take a blended approach to helping students attain their educational goals.

AI and Automation

According to FE News, features like gamification enable educators to create more engaging learning experiences. As we move through 2022, EdTech developers like Seeds Education and its subsidiaries will create increasingly sophisticated systems, enabling teachers to personalise education like never before.

Interactive Learning Experiences

According to ET, learning is more effective in a social environment. Interactive learning spaces allow students to actively engage with learning platforms in a variety of different ways, enabling them to create and share content, submit joint assignments and undertake projects together. Instead of writing an essay on a subject, students can debate topics with their peers, asking questions and helping each other.

The Changing Role of Teachers

As with every sector, education is evolving. Today, teachers who have only ever taught in classrooms must acquire new skills to be effective learning facilitators. Throughout the pandemic, teachers all over the world rose admirably to the challenge of digitising learning, presenting remote lessons and upskilling their capabilities, a trend that is likely to continue through 2022 and beyond.

About Seeds Education

Incorporating Garnet Education, Geo Projects, Garnet Publishing, AllPrints, Seeds Schools, and International Press among its subsidiaries, the Seeds Education group has evolved considerably under Karim Khayyat’s leadership. It has expanded in various fields, including publishing and printing, broadcast media, sports and leisure, hospitality management, construction and power generation.

With offices in Beirut, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Qatar, Kuwait and the UK, Seeds Education operates with the ethos that effective education is informed and underpinned by strong values, combined with a commitment to helping every person achieve the success they are capable of. Seeds Education and its subsidiaries’ products and services are customised to the individual needs of each client, supporting teachers as facilitators of lifelong learning.

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