Every owner or tenant is interested in protecting his or her interests. We recommend that you conduct a control inventory of the property at the beginning of the rental period and get a professional check-in report. This procedure involves a professional description in several areas. For example, experts pay attention to the following technical parameters of the housing:

  • Description of the technical condition of the property;
  • Condition of fixtures,
  • Fittings, furniture and other equipment;
  • Equipment of technical nature;
  • Condition of the smoke alarm complex;
  • The meters and their readings;
  • Other individual housing parameters of check-in inventory.

If you entrust the procedure to professional inventory clerks, you free yourself from several unforeseen problems in the future.

When the tenants leave, the inventory clerk draws up a check-out inventory report for you on departure. This inventory report includes photos and videos that describe in detail the actual condition of each property. Therefore, the document reflects all aspects of the responsibility of both parties. Clerks provide the report either electronically or in paper form. 

It is important to keep in mind that the inventory procedure is beneficial not only for the landlord but this document also protects the rights of tenants. The optimal time to conduct an inventory is the beginning of the lease. If you have a timely inventory report, your landlord can’t charge you more in the future. He also can’t arbitrarily increase the rent. You have an excellent opportunity to determine the amount of the rent deposit and the amount of the deposit in advance and to secure these matters legally. 

Also, according to the law, the registration fee is an administrative cost of maintaining the home and cleaning. When you take an inventory with the help of a professional property surveyor, all of these issues are clarified and fixed in writing.

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