Increasing the value of a property is a potential increase in income. Obviously, it’s beneficial for the owner to increase the value. But to become an Airbnb host, it pays to justify the increased cost of housing.  This will ensure a high-quality Airbnb service.

Factors that significantly affect the value of a property

First and foremost, it’s about the view of the house from the outside – a well-maintained area in front of the house. Make sure the first impression of the property is positive, even for non-interested parties. The same goes for the photos in the advertisement posted on the internet. To make it easier to understand what is worth changing, look at your home from the client’s point of view.

Repairs to plumbing and other amenities

Bad-flushing toilets, dripping faucets, or a running shower affect property values, oddly enough. Fix the problems with the toilet, sink, shower and other facilities, if any. This will raise the cost of housing or booking a host.

Free space

Create the feeling that there is plenty of space inside the house. Buyers prefer more space in houses. You can do this by tidying up and adding mirrors to small rooms or creating an open-plan living room. You should also consider smell when cleaning. An unpleasant smell will only alienate your customers. But if the house smells nice, like flowers, it will leave a positive impression (and you’ll definitely get a good review from an Airbnb guest).

Outdoor living space

The idea of a garden or an outdoor living space is attractive to customers. So it’s worth taking care that your home’s outdoor space is well-maintained.

 Renovate the layout

Consider changing the floor plan. This will give a new perspective to the house and in doing so, will expand the space inside the house that can be arranged to suit your needs in the way that the client wants.

Changes can be made based on who your client is. For example, families need more bedrooms, so the study can be converted into a bedroom.

Finally, remember that when selling or renting your home, it’s important that your home stands out. So, it’s important to look at it from a different angle and highlight all the pluses, which are probably more than you think.

You can now become an Airbnb host or find  a professional Airbnb company in the UK.

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