Businesses often need space quickly for various uses such as storing merchandise, providing staff working space, providing an area for production activities, etc. Sometimes private individuals will also need space for events such as weddings. In such times when a business has inadequate space to meet its needs or when anyone needs extra space its calls for quick and easy solutions to provide the much-needed room. One of those solutions is clear span buildings.

What are clear span buildings?

Clear span buildings are massive structures that allow users to make maximum use of the available space because they do not require internal support columns or pillars. They simply have walls and a roof. Typically, they are tall and wide buildings that are strong, open, and have lots of light. Due to their large size and not having internal columns, they can provide extensive storage capacity and accommodate large machinery or equipment. They can also offer ample sitting space to host large numbers of people.

What are some of the uses of clear span buildings?

If you are keen-eyed, you will spot clear span buildings in use in many industries and settings, including factories, sporting facilities, showrooms, retail businesses, agricultural establishments, entertainment places, schools, etc. This is because they have many uses, including the following:

Providing storage

Because clear span buildings are excellent for storage, some of the industries that have found these structures useful for storage include agriculture and construction. For example, agricultural businesses can use the buildings to store inputs like animal feeds like hay and packed commercial feeds. They can also store outputs such as cereals, tubers, and others. Construction companies can use the structures to store materials such as cement and wood.

Housing machines and equipment

Companies and individuals need space to store their machines, vehicle, equipment, and other valuable assets. Fortunately, clear span buildings are excellent structures for such use because they do not have internal columns. Therefore, they allow free movement of machines, tractors, cars, and other equipment inside them, making it easy to get them in and out. In addition, they protect everything from the elements including rain, UV light, and other hazards and provide security because they are enclosed.

The good news is that you can quickly get high-quality clear span buildings from Smart-Space, the leading provider of temporary structures in the UK which has over 30 years of experience. They also offer permanent steel buildings custom-made to fit the users’ specifications.

Hosting events

Companies, and institutions like schools and colleges, and even individuals often organise parties, graduations, open days, celebrations, or other events that bring together large numbers of people. The event hosts need shelter for their guests to protect them from the scorching sun, rain, or even wind. Tents are often used, but clear span buildings with PVC roofs and transparent wall clads or open walls provide a better option. Because they have no internal pillars, these buildings can accommodate many more seats and tables and chairs can be easily arranged for meals.

Offering retail space

Retail businesses can use clear span buildings made with steel roofs and wall cladding as stores where they display their merchandise and provide other functions like checkouts.  Also, these companies can use the structures, even those made of PVC roofs and walls, to store items when they need extra space, especially during the peak seasons.

Hotels and other businesses with eateries can also use these buildings to provide sitting areas for their customers. These structures can also provide an entertainment space where people can dance and enjoy other entertainment.


Clear span buildings are excellent structures that provide ample space for storage, staff working areas, entertainment, business displays, and so on. They are a worthy investment, and users can even rent them when they need them and avoid buying them for one-off use.

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