Invisalign is a modern orthodontic treatment that uses clear braces to align teeth to achieve a healthy and pretty smile. It successfully achieves both aesthetic and medical goals. Patients usually make an appointment with their orthodontist, where the orthodontist first takes a measurement and 3D imagery of their teeth. For Invisalign in Newport contact Isca Dental, an advanced independent dental practice based in South Wales.

The 3D model will show your dentist which section of your teeth they need to concentrate on and the final result after the alignment treatment is over. The patient should aim to wear their aligners for 20 to 22 hours a day for best results. They can remove the aligners during meal times and brush or floss their teeth. In addition to regular wearing of aligners, the dentist directs the patient to go through all sets of aligners made for them and change them every fortnight to achieve favourable results.

These aligners are comfortable to wear and they are clear meaning that people can’t tell whether you are wearing them. The good news is that even adults can wear them since modern technology has made it possible. This method treats mild cases of bad teeth. The following are dental issues that Invisalign can treat.

Crowded Teeth

This is a case where an individual’s teeth tend to be overlapped, twisted, pushed back, or in front of another tooth. The dental arrangement alone will make it seem that there isn’t enough for all the 32 adult teeth.

If this condition is not treated, food remnants will keep accumulating since it is difficult to floss or clean crowded teeth. This will create a conducive environment for the development of plaque and the existence of harmful bacteria. Eventually, an individual will have tooth decay or gum infection. A less complex case of crowded teeth can be easily fixed by this treatment.

Gap teeth

Gapped teeth are becoming increasingly popular with many being told that having gappy teeth is a sign of riches or a beauty standard. However, it should be noted that this is a dental anomaly. It can lead to food particles being stuck in those gaps thus causing a foul smell. This issue is treatable by this treatment.

Open bite

This is a condition where an individual’s lower and upper teeth do not touch after they close their mouth. A person with an open bite dental issue might find it hard to bite foods that will need to be cut by the incisors first.

If the condition is not corrected earlier then it might lead to cracked molars and pre-molars. This treatment re-arranges all teeth so that they meet when the mouth is closed.


This is a dental issue where the front upper jaw teeth overlap the front lower jaw teeth. An overbite is considered when it is over-pronounced. It normally affects one’s appearance and if not fixed, it will lead to jaw pains and wearing out of the lower teeth. This treatment can be used to shift the upper teeth to align the upper and lower teeth.

Under bite

Under bites normally occur when an individual’s lower front teeth overlap the upper front teeth. It is just the opposite of an overbite. An under bite normally leads to jaw pains and affects one’s speaking. The good news is that this issue can be reversed by using this treatment that shifts and aligns the teeth.

Cross bite

A cross bite occurs when the upper sit inside the lower set or vice versa. This condition is a result of early loss of primary teeth and bad oral hygiene. This issue may cause a jaw to dislocate to a side permanently if not corrected. Lucky enough it can be reversed using this treatment.

Benefits of Invisalign

  1. Aligners can be removed during meals so no need of changing diets.
  2. The aligners have a better appearance so self-aware teenagers need not worry about being bullied since they are clear and can’t be noticed.
  3. It’s easier to practice oral hygiene since they are removable.
  4. Patients need fewer dentist visits since one doesn’t make regular visits afterwards.
  5. They are quite comfortable to wear and have fewer gum cases involved.

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