A third of London’s children live in poverty, according to The End Child Poverty Coalition. Rising living costs have resulted in around 600,000 children and young people living in families who cannot even afford the bare essentials. The Government runs a variety of programs aimed at supporting families in need. These are one-time payments, utility bills assistance, education scholarships. But government schemes are not enough, therefore charities step in to solve problems.

Head of the Childhood Trust urges parents to discuss the family financial situation openly with their children. They understand much more than we think. Parents should explain that difficulties paying bills are temporary. Laurence Guinness also recommends families in difficult circumstances to apply to charitable institutions. There are many charity foundations in London helping with food, medical care and education. We will describe the most famous of them:

·         Save the Children;

·         NSPCC;

·         Leus Family Foundation;

·         Young Lives vs Cancer;

·         Barnardo’s.

Choose a fund and support charities

Save the Children is one of the most recognised charities in the world, founded over 100 years ago. British branch helps disadvantaged families children to get medical care and education. Many cities have early development programs to make it easier for kids to cope with school curriculum and keep up with their peers. You can help Save the Children in a number of ways: donate online, volunteer, attend a charity event or buy something in their store.

Should you be concerned about child abuse — support the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children. This charity protects young people and helps them handle psychological trauma caused by physical or sexual abuse. NSPCC runs information campaigns in society, proposes legislative initiatives to the Parliament, but most importantly – has a direct children hotline. You may support this charity by making monthly donations or volunteering.

Leus Family Foundation is a charity foundation of Dmitry Leus family. A successful investor and philanthropist support children by sponsoring various social projects, youth clubs and hospitals. Leus Family Foundation supports Bright Lights Youth Club, dedicated to children with special needs and supports St George’s Hospital. To learn more about this foundation or make a donation, please visit the official website.

Young Lives vs Cancer is the UK’s leading charity for children and young people who live with cancer. They support families from diagnosis throughout all treatment stages. Young Lives vs Cancer cooperates with many foundations to ensure that children receive quality medicines and their families get mental health support. For families wishing to stay together during treatment, the foundation offers free accommodation at Home from Home. Many organisation volunteers who managed to beat cancer now help young people to go through this difficult path.

Barnardo’s has existed since 1866, pursuing three global goals: strong family, safe child, happy future. Barnardo’s has dozens of programs to support young families. Protects children from exploitation and sexual abuse. Helps young people to develop and learn to have a better future. A special attention in Barnardo’s is paid to the foster care and adoption program. Visit their website to find out how to become a volunteer or make a donation.

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