The best part about technology is that we are always finding ways to improve upon it to make things a little bit easier than they were before. That is the same in the world of sports, as technology has helped create more of an analytical approach to it, making sports more of a science than anything else. However, with more and more information available as technology continues to improve, there is going to be a point where we have to change the way we view sports as a whole. 

There is technology to change stadiums that are originally soccer stadiums to host the London NFL games 2022 and technology to replicate throwing pitches just like some legends of yesterday and today. It makes it almost a completely different game but let’s dive into this!

Enhancing the Viewing Experience

Technology has helped the process to the point that most sporting events are better to see from the comfort of your living room than to be in the stadium. One example is the NFL, as they black out the games from inside the stadium to the point you cannot even follow along for your fantasy team or if you have a rooting interest in another game. The Wifi for the stadium is also shaky to the point that you can have a better viewing experience from home. 

However, there can be technology that can immerse viewers in a virtual reality experience of the actual game in real-time, where you pay whatever the fee is for the game and get to see the game as a fan inside the stadium, no matter what. 

As Technology continues to improve to where we can eventually get to that point but make the technology a lot better to make it feel like you are at the game even if you are not physically there. 

Understanding the Numbers

I know typically, the older generations have difficulty with this. Still, the world of sports is run by Ivy League graduates, who are developing formulas to get the best output and value from each player. That is definitely changing the way sports are presented to the fans as things are a lot different than what they were, to the point that some people are turned off by it. 

It is happening in every sport and not just baseball (where most of the complaining about analytics seems to be), and there are a lot of numbers to help quantify what a player is bringing to the table. People use these same numbers and statistics for online sports betting and fantasy sports, as they are vital to success in sports and sports betting.

Can they develop a formula to keep players healthy and predict when an injury is likely to occur instead of having rest days for no apparent reason? 

Helping the Referees

This has been happening more in the last decade than ever before, but instant replay has been a beneficial tool to make sure that the correct call was made and not just a missed call. One bad call can change the game’s entire complexion, and technology like in tennis that can tell you if a ball is in or out is critical. Automated strike zones should also be a way to ensure things are correct, whereas MLB umpires just go with calling catcher’s interference and safe/out calls on plays when behind home plate. 

The instant replay process has continued to develop, but there should be better camera angles on the television side of things to see. Maybe have someone cut into the replay center and explain why the call was confirmed, stood, or overturned to help the viewing public understand a bit more. 


All of these things are very obtainable, and I would not be shocked if, by 2030 or so, everything is all in place, as there are a bunch of outstanding technological advances that help make sports tremendous and continue to improve.

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