The National Football League has gotten off to an exciting start, and the Tennessee Titans are currently 3-2 to start the season. Still, the City of Nashville has gotten even bigger news. The Tennessee Titans and the City of Nashville’s mayor John Cooper have an agreement to build a brand new stadium. The Tennessee Titans are currently playing in Nissan Stadium, which was built in 1999.

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Cost of Stadium 

The cost of the new stadium will be an estimated $2.2billion. According to Nate Rau, the team will fund $800 million of the project, and the rest of the funding coming from state bonds and taxes. The plans include a 60,000-seat allocation in place of Nissan Stadium and must be approved by the Metro Council. 

A New Stadium is the Best Option

The deal comes after 23 years of wear and tear at Nissan Stadium. The current lease requires that the stadium’s condition be held compared to other stadiums built around the same time. In order to meet those standards and renovate the stadium, it would have cost at least $1.7 billion. The mayor of Nashville called it irresponsible to renovate the stadium instead of building a brand-new development due to the price difference.

One of the significant features of the 1.7 million square foot stadium is that it will have a dome. The new stadium’s location will also be shifted east of Nissan Stadium along the East Bank of the Cumberland River. In addition to the stadium, there will also be plenty of development surrounding the stadium to support the growth of the city of Nashville. The new development planned with the stadium also integrates a proposed park and green spaces for tailgating and the NFL gameday experience. 

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A Much Need Revitalization of the East Bank

In addition to the location of the stadium, Titans President and CEO Burke Nihill answered questions to give us more information about the new development. The Titans got a head start on the architecture because they needed to map the stadium’s location to see if it fit correctly to the east of Nissan stadium. In addition to the 55,000-60,000 seats, the new stadium will also feature 170 luxury suits. The viewing experience will also be better due to the reduced height of the upper deck.

Another interesting point that Nihill made was that the plans also include a transit station at one corner of the new stadium. The population of Nashville as of 2018 was almost 700,000, but tourism in Nashville is rapidly growing, so expanding public transit would definitely benefit residents. 

The new stadium and the transit station aims to attract more tourism and major events, which are already growing in the state of Tennessee and the city of Nashville. According to an article from Nash Today, “tourism is Tennessee’s second largest industry. In 2019, tourism brought in a record-high amount of $23 billion in travel spending + $1.92 billion in state and local revenue tax”. This would attract more fans to Nashville to watch the Titans in action and watch NFL predictions on the Titans play out in front of them.

The Nashville Metro Council was not always keen on this project, primarily due to the price tag. This will be the largest building project in Metro History, and it will have to go through more steps for final approval. Still, this agreement is a step in the right direction to revitalizing Nashville’s East bank of the Cumberland River and providing a state-of-the-art multi-purpose stadium for the City of Nashville.

All parties have agreed on a new 30-year lease, and Metro will own the stadium at the end of the lease. If the plan is approved, the projected completion date could lead the stadium to be ready by 2026.

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